Friday, September 7, 2007

Introduction on Theme

In this blog, I will focus on the theme of love between two people.

I will use examples from any of the Catullus Lesbiam Amat, or Catullusne Lebiam Amat? poems as lens to examine modern life in songs, magazines, movies, TV shows, etc. Basically anything that features love and how the relationship is going. Catullus has poems about when he is furiously in love with Lesbia and times when the relationship is not so great. So through the lives of celebrities, actors, actresses, and singers, I will comment on how their love relationship is like what Catullus describes in his poems. It could be how they are absolutely in love with each other or how the relationship is breaking apart.

At the time, Catullus was looked down upon for writing about such fantasies and desires, but in today's time, the media constantly reports the personal lives of celebrities, and many of them are very similar to what Catullus is feeling when he writes his poems. I will try to have about an equal number of posts about when the relationship is going well or bad and how each person in the relationship is affected by love.